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  • workshop on elicitation methods

    workshop on elicitation methods

    Björn Thuresson and Mario Romero will lead a workshop to survey elicitation methods towards visualization design. We will have a discussion on what makes most sense for different projects. We will meet in the visualization studio VIC as well as in zoom.

  • InfraVis is a resource for your Grant applications

    InfraVis is a resource for your Grant applications

    VR and formas applications are coming soon! InfraVis is a resource for your Grant applications It is grant application season for VR and FORMAS. Please, consider our InfraVis Resources towards your application. Contact us via the InfraVis User Support and we will assist with a description of InfraVis resources supporting your applications. Photo credits: Tina Stafrén, Mittuniversitetet

  • UPPMAX- Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science

    UPPMAX- Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science

    UPPMAX is Uppsala University’s resource involving high-performance computers, large-scale storage and know-how for high-performance computing (HPC).

  • Theatrum Visuale

    Theatrum Visuale

    An important mission for InfraVis is to provide user training. Theatrum Visuale is a venue situated at the Ångström Laboratory which is specially prepared for visualization training.

  • CDHU-Centre for digital Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University

    CDHU-Centre for digital Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University

    Digital Humanities (DH) refers to the interdisciplinary scientific field that combines information and communication technologies (ICT) with the arts, humanities and social sciences. As methods and tools for analysis are increasingly digital, CDHU has the ambition to strengthen DH competence for world leading research and education.

  • CBA- Centre for Image Analysis

    CBA- Centre for Image Analysis

    The Centre for Image Analysis conducts research in computerised image analysis and perceptualization through the development of methods, algorithms and systems for applications in life science, medicine, digital humanities, and other disciplines. CBA aims to spread knowledge about the use of image processing in other research groups and in society.

  • GRIDH / ArkLab

    GRIDH / ArkLab

    At the Faculty of Humanities, GRIDH runs a visualization laboratory in collaboration with SHFA and ArkLab. In the lab there is equipment for three-dimensional digitization of environments, analysis of point clouds, Virtual and Augmented Reality development, 3D printing, and scanning of board works and posters. The laboratory also has a number of powerful workstations for…

  • Visualization Studio VIC

    Visualization Studio VIC

    The Visualization Studio, VIC, at KTH hosts state-of-the-art technology supporting high-end graphics and visualization of complex data over many platforms, from hand-held mobile devices to wall-sized 4K displays to immersive augmented and virtual reality environments. It supports cutting-edge interaction including gesture- and speech-based control, haptic feedback, eye tracking, and multitouch.

  • Humlab


    Humlab is a competence center at Umeå University with access to a technical environment for digital humanities. Humlab has a cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary organization, and the meeting across disciplinary boundaries is central. Humlab conducts research, teaching and collaboration. Our mission includes initiating, inspiring and developing the relationship between the Humanities, Culture and Information Technology in…

  • Wadströms Exploranation Laboratory

    Wadströms Exploranation Laboratory

    Wadströms Exploranation Laboratory is on the top floor of Visualization Center C in Norrköping and is part of Linköping University. Here, LiU and InfraVis-granted researchers in areas such as climate, environment, and sociology, together with researchers in visualization, have created completely new opportunities to understand and explore the world around us. Welcome!

  • VR arena

    VR arena

    On the ground floor of the Visualization Centre, the VR arena, with a 14 square meter flat projector screen, with rear projection powered by three separate projectors with active stereo capability.

  • Visualization dome in stereo

    Visualization dome in stereo

    The Dome has a screen size of just under 300 square meters, weighs approximately 2,500 kg and is suspended from the ceiling by 14 chains. The Dome is used for both public screenings and visualization research, which places high demands on image quality. The visual experience is created by six separate projectors which together provide…

  • Positioning lab

    Positioning lab

    Positioning lab is part of MAPCI – the Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute at Lund University. Positioning is a fundamental component for developing many smart applications in the future. We are happy to be able to offer this opportunity to researchers at both universities and companies.

  • Virtual Reality Lab

    Virtual Reality Lab

    Virtual Reality (VR) can be described as an artificial environment that has been created digitally. By providing the user’s senses with information as realistic as possible, the user is presented with a version of reality that doesn’t really exist, yet can be experienced as very convincing.

  • QIM


    Imaging at large-scale facilities offers unique opportunities for measuring a material’s microstructure. Most often, these measurements require quantitative image analysis to obtain the relevant information. To ensure a high scientific output from MAX IV, the QIM center aims at developing and using the most relevant tools for analyzing the data for a given problem.

  • Humanities lab

    Humanities lab

    LU Humanities Lab is a university-wide research infrastructure, located at the Joint Faculties for Humanities and Theology, that offers researchers access to advanced instruments and associated methodological competence to measure human behavior, expertise in data management, as well as research preparation training and user support in a cross-disciplinary and international environment.

  • CIPA


    LU-IPA, previously CIPA, is the Lund University infrastructure for Image Processing and Analysis. LU-IPA provides services for image processing and analysis, guidance and tutorial to software, access to computer work stations with image processing and analysis software, access to on-site application expertise and tools.

  • LBIC


    Lund University Bioimaging Centre (LBIC) is a resource of unique technologies and expertise available to preclinical and clinical research groups at Lund University, Region Skåne as well as external organizations and companies. LBIC is housing a large variety of advanced preclinical and clinical imaging equipment and techniques ranging from micro to macro.



    LUNARC is the center for scientific and technical computing at Lund University. The center provides computation, visualization, and storage resources within all aspects of computational science.

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