Joakim Bohlin

Chalmers University of Technology

Research Engineer

Role In Infravis

Application Expert


Experienced In

Interactive 3D visualisation, Software Development, Molecular Dynamics visualisation, Self-assembly design, Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology

Tools Used Frequently

tools you can use to help others


I am a Digital Research Engineer with a focus on Scientific Data Visualisation. My DPhil research concerned the modelling and visualisation of self-assembled DNA nanostructures, and I have developed several interactive web tools for both research and outreach. I also have a degree in Software Engineering. 

At InfraVis, I contribute with visualisation support in a multitude of exciting projects and research areas.

Project for InfraVis

  • The use of digital twins for multi-domain simulation workflows supporting urban design: A case study in Gothenburg 
  • FAIRSEA: Feasibility study of AI techniques to monitor tank cleaning in Swedish Waters 
  • Visualizing coastal methane emissions triggered by ship passages
  • From ‘Landfills to Structures’ – A Perspective Study on European Legislation for Mineral-Based Waste-Derived Sustainable Cementitious Materials