Meet our Team

The InfraVis team is a diverse and dynamic group of individuals who have come together to spearhead a visionary research infrastructure. At the helm of this is Monica Billger, the InfraVis Director, her dedication to the infrastructure has been instrumental in shaping its vision. InfraVis boasts a team of three national coordinators, additional key administrative personnel, eight node coordinators, and last but not least, approximately 50 highly skilled application experts – the core of InfraVis, ensuring the delivery of diverse visualization services to support research in all scientific domains across Sweden. The Steering Committee is the guiding force behind the InfraVis mission to provide cutting-edge visualization support to researchers across Sweden. Comprised of dedicated experts, their role is pivotal in shaping the strategic direction and decisions that drive InfraVis forward.

InfraVis Steering Committee

The Steering Group strategically advises the Management Team regularly and takes the formal strategic decisions for InfraVis steering documents and operations, including decisions on in-depth support and allocation of funding of in-depth support.

InfraVis Scientific Advisory Board

The InfraVis Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of internationally leading researchers with an interest in the use of cutting-edge visualization of scientific data. The main task of the SAB is to provide an annual assessment of InfraVis in the form of a brief report containing comments and recommendations with an emphasis on the international context. The SAB will thus ensure that InfraVis has a meaningful global impact.

Management and Administration

The Management Team is responsible for the daily operations of InfraVis. To ensure a consolidated technical approach, the team consists of in addition to the InfraVis director and three national technical managers. The team also comprises members who offer management support, along with professionals specializing in finance and communication.

Node Coordinators

The Node Coordinators are important links between the nodes as well as between the InfraVis application experts and the Management Team. At weekly meetings the Node Coordinators discuss and exchange information about activities such as user support, targeted outreach activities and thematic user training.