The National Research Infrastructure for Data Visualization

InfraVis helps you visualize research data from any scientific domain and gives you access to state-of-the-art visualization competence, support, equipment, training, and methods.


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Step 1

Submit your question to InfraVis

Reach out to InfraVis by clicking “Receive support from InfraVis”

Do you come from an academic institution and want to discuss visualization opportunities in your data?

Do you have a question about InfraVis services?

Step 2

A ticket is generated and handled

Handling Hours:
Monday-Friday, 09:00 – 16:00

You can expect the first response within three hours after submitting your question.
For example, a ticket generated at 15:00 on Friday warrants a response no later than 11:00 on Monday, unless these days happen to be holidays.

Step 3

You receive InfraVis user support

Depending on the nature of your inquiry, you receive three different levels of user support

Help-desk support

Free of charge

Mid-level support

Free of charge

In-depth support

Application process & user fee applies

Three different levels of user support

Help-desk Support

  • Internal evaluation of your submitted question
  • Guidance to the right InfraVis resources: An InfraVis Expert contacts you and provides you with advice

Mid-level support

For projects that typically require up to 80 hours of support

You meet with an InfraVis Expert to discuss visualization needs and possibilities in your data, as well as to determine the scope of the needed resources

Mid-level support may include, for example:

  • InfraVis Experts working on the visualization of your data
  • Your participation in data clinics where InfraVis Experts carefully examine your project and discuss solutions
  • InfraVis Experts helping you with writing the visualization part of your application for funding

In-depth support

For projects that typically require more than 80 hours of support

There is a yearly application process: 2024.

At this level, support may entail tailoring existing software solutions or even implementing new approaches and methods specific to the application at hand

The processes regarding the project are iteratively co-defined and run by you and InfraVis Experts, with respect to your specific needs

The project specification is then considered by the InfraVis Steering Committee, which prioritizes and allocates InfraVis resources