Emanuel Larsson

The Faculty of Medicine, Lund University


Role In Infravis

Node Coordinator

  • emanuel.larsson@med.lu.se 

Experienced In

Tomographic Imaging, Synchrotron X-ray microtomography, Neutron tomography, Image Processing, Image Analysis, 3D Rendering, Data Visualization, Raspberry Pi Project development

Tools Used Frequently

Python Jupyter Notebooks, DragonFly, VG Studio MAX, Drishti, ITK Snap, Paraview


Emanuel works as a Researcher at the Department of Experimental Medical Science at the Faculty of Medicine. He has experience in X-ray and Neutron tomographic imaging, including image processing, image analysis and visualization.

More in detail I works as a

  • Node Coordinator for InfraVis (National Research Infrastructure for Data Visualization)
  • Coordinator for CIPA (Correlative Image Processing and Analysis)
  • Cross Border Infrastructure Ambassador for HALRIC (Hanseatic Life Science Research Infrastructure Consortium)
  • an Associate Researcher at QIM (Center for Quantification of Imaging Data from MAX IV).

Skill Card

Project for InfraVis

Other Projects

Neutron radiography for detection of leakage in prefilled syringes, as studied in-situ during varying pressure and temperature

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Syrringe filled with Gd-contrast agent for better contrast
Sample environment to control pressure and temperature of syrringes at the IMAGINE – Neutron Imaging beamline LLB, Saclay, France.
Drawing of a medical syrringe.

Strategically educating academia and industry in Tomographic
X-ray and Neutron imaging, also using visible light

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Text to explain what this image is about

E. Larsson et al., Kitchen-based light tomography – a DIY toolkit for advancing tomography – by and for the tomography community, Tomography of Materials and Structures 1 (2023), https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tmater.2022.100001

Preclinical imaging of asthma using Synchrotron X-ray

Developing image processing and analysis
Soft Tissue – Red
Barium – Gold
Barium – Gold