Monica Billger

Chalmers University of Technology

Professor In Architecture and Visualization

Role In Infravis



Experienced In

Colour appearance, Visualization in dialogue tools, Serious gaming, Stakeholder participation


InfraVis is a result of massive collaborative efforts. I have coordinated the co-creation of InfraVis  since Chalmers, Linköping, KTH and Lund received an infrastructure planning grant from the Swedish Research Council in 2014. In February 2015, we invited visualization experts from the other five InfraVis partner universities to a development process. Together, we have a deep understanding of the need for and the idea behind Infravis.

InfraVis Management Team is the central leadership of InfraVis. Without the Management Team, InfraVis would not be a whole, it wouldn’t be one identity. The Mangament Team has to make sure that the research infrastructure runs smoothly and that InfraVis colleagues feel like they are an integral part of InfraVis. It is also our responsibility to provide InfraVis experts with opportunities for competence development as well as opportunities for connecting with visualization research at the partner universities.

Project for InfraVis