Daniel Sjölie

Chalmers University of Technology

Research Engineer

Role In Infravis

Application Expert

  • daniel.sjolie@hv.se

Experienced In

Realtime interactive 3D visualization, Unreal Engine, Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality, Web-based Information/Data Visualization

Tools Used Frequently

Unreal Engine, Python 


I am a senior lecturer at University West, connected to InfraVis via Digital Twin Cities Centre (DTCC – [https://dtcc.chalmers.se](https://dtcc.chalmers.se). My primary focus is on real-time interactive 3D visualization and Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality, but I have experience with many forms of information and data visualization, statistics, data-processing, and development tools. Unreal Engine and Python are the tools I use most frequently now but I am also familiar with, e.g., C++ and D3.js.

At InfraVis, I contribute visualization support in a multitude of exciting projects and research areas.

Project for InfraVis

  • Project to develop data visualization connected to a physical table via projection and/or AR/MR.