Rafael M. Martins

Linnaeus University

Senior Lecturer

Role In Infravis

Application Expert

  • rafael.martins@lnu.se

Experienced In

Information Visualization, Visual Analytics, Explainable AI, Dimensionality Reduction

Tools Used Frequently

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I’m a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Media Technology at Linnaeus University, Växjö, working at the intersection between Visualization and Machine Learning. Since my PhD (2016) I’ve worked on investigating, developing, and applying simple, accessible, and efficient explanatory visual interfaces to describe complex models to both engineers and final users. My main tool of choice is dimensionality reduction (also known as “projections”) such as PCA, t-SNE, and UMAP, which are scalable and powerful state-of-the-art techniques for visualizing large and complex multidimensional spaces. I believe that they are crucial components for any modern visual analytics solutions and their efficient use brings many benefits to many scientific and application domains.

Project for InfraVis