The pulse of the wood

InfraVis User

Michael Dorn (LNU)

InfraVis Application Expert

Jaume Nualart, Rafael M. Martins

InfraVis Node Coordinator

Andreas Kerren

Other Contributors
Tools & Skills

IoT, time-series data, Javascript/d3js, Python/Flask.

Other Keywords

dashboard, sensor, monitoring


Monitoring of Wooden houses: Time series of sensors data measuring humidity, temperatures, vibrations and weather conditions.

The collaboration with InfraVis will allow the user to have almost real-time visualization in many different ways and in a safe and reliable way. The history data can be shared with interest groups which are researchers at LNU as well as possibly also outside, project partners such as building companies, developers and construction companies (who are responsible for the planning and construction processes), with partners who own and maintain the buildings (e.g.,
private companies as well as municipalities), and finally potentially also with the public persons, e.g., people using the apartments or offices.

In the past years, multiple long-term measurement projects have started at the Department of Building Technology. The data collection is ongoing permanently but needs to be analyzed continuously. Also, it needs to be distributed to different interest groups with the help of data visualization and data exploration.

Linnaeus University project page >>

This will have an impact on, since the different partners can interpret the data and apply it in different ways that fits their purpose.

Presentation of the interface

Forum Wood Building Nordic 2023 at LNU

Flexiboard view

Detail of the created application.

Not yet accessible online (!).

Sensors hardware

Detail of the hardware used to collect data from the wooden houses

Short Presentation by the user of the app, Ass. Prof. Michael Dorn, Department of Building Technology – Faculty of Technology –