Carl Troein

Lund University


Role In Infravis

Application Expert


Experienced In

2D spectroscopy algorithms/software, Biological systems and networks, Modeling and machine learning, developing GUI:s (Graphical User Interfaces)

Tools Used Frequently

Python, PyQt, matplotlib


I am an associate professor and researcher at Computational Biology and Biological Physics (CBBP) at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science (CEC), Faculty of Science, Lund University. I work as an Application Expert for both CIPA (Correlative Image Processing and Analysis) and InfraVis (National Research Infrastructure for Data Visualization).

Algorithms, scripts and tidy publication-quality figures are things that I enjoy creating. My main tool is Python with numpy and various numerical libraries, with matplotlib for plotting, as well as occasional PyQt user interfaces or Jupyter notebooks.

Project for InfraVis