Gustav Eriksson

Linköping University

Research Engineer

Role In Infravis

Application Expert

Experienced In

3D modeling, 3D Animation, Interactive 3D

Tools Used Frequently

Unreal Engine, Blender, CAD


I’m a research engineer at Linköping University with a focus on 3D visualization. I mainly work with the game engine Unreal Engine, where I create 3D visualizations and interactive applications. If you have 3D data, or want to enhance your data with a 3D visualization I can help you. Perhaps by bringing your data into a gamified desktop experience, a VR application or even into a Dome Visualization.

Project for InfraVis

  • Medical Digital Twin

    InfraVis helps bring the data to life with Motion Capture animations and realistic 3D models of patients to help communicate medical information in a more personalized way.

    Medical Digital Twin