Filip Berendt

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Research Engineer

Role In Infravis

Application Expert, Ticketing System Manager


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Research Engineer at CST, working specifically as ‘Application Expert’ at InfraVis since 2022. During my studies in the Computer Science master’s programme at KTH, I have been involved as a Teaching Assistant in several courses. I specialised in Visualisation and Computer Graphics track during the last 3 semester of my studies.

Master’s Thesis in Computer Science, Visualisation and Computer Graphics: Simulating crowds of pedestrians using vector fields and rule-based deviations.

Project for InfraVis

  • Producing and Rendering a 3D Mesh of Cassida Viridis – Green Tortoise Beetle

    This project focused on developing a user-friendly and accessible pipeline for producing 3D models or ‘meshes’ from volumetric datasets, specifically for this case, in the domain of biology.

    Producing and Rendering a 3D Mesh of Cassida Viridis – Green Tortoise Beetle
  • Visualizing Buzz Pollination

    This project aims to showcase the current theory for the dynamics of pollen grains inside the anthers of certain flowers, when bumblebees interact with them. This phenomenon is called ‘Buzz Pollination’.

    Visualizing Buzz Pollination
  • InfraVis Website

    The InfraVis website is a communication channel to reach and support Swedish research communities. It aims to enhance the skills, tools, and infrastructure of Swedish data visualization competence as a whole.

    InfraVis Website