Ingemar Markström

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Research Engineer, Technical Manager of Visualisation Studio VIC

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Research engineer in the Visualization studio VIC since 2019, after teaching computer science science since 2006. Apart from having been one of the General Tutors at EECS, I was involved in most introductory (and some advanced) programming courses at CSC.

Master thesis in computer science, visualization and computer graphics: Comparing normal estimation methods for the rendering of unorganized point clouds.

Project for InfraVis

  • Producing and Rendering a 3D Mesh of Cassida Viridis – Green Tortoise Beetle

    This project focused on developing a user-friendly and accessible pipeline for producing 3D models or ‘meshes’ from volumetric datasets, specifically for this case, in the domain of biology.

    Producing and Rendering a 3D Mesh of Cassida Viridis – Green Tortoise Beetle
  • Visualizing Buzz Pollination

    This project aims to showcase the current theory for the dynamics of pollen grains inside the anthers of certain flowers, when bumblebees interact with them. This phenomenon is called ‘Buzz Pollination’.

    Visualizing Buzz Pollination
  • In-situ Visualization Support in Nek5000

    The researchers visualize the behavior of wind around airplane wings while the simulation is running on a supercomputer. A deeper insight into wind behavior will aid engineers in designing more efficient aircraft.

    In-situ Visualization Support in Nek5000