Mattis Lindmark

Umeå University

System developer

Role In Infravis

Application Expert


Experienced In

3D, Digital Media Production, Game Design, XR development, Digital Art, Aesthetic Pedagogy, Visual Storytelling

Tools Used Frequently

Unity, Maya, Adobe Creative Suite


System developer focused on 3D, digital media production and computer games. Mattis works in specific projects as well as in daily activities with short courses and support in Humlab.

He is interested in interdisciplinary methods to bring together knowledge and experience from widely different areas within and outside the academic context.

Project for InfraVis

  • SEAD Conservation Paleobiology

    This project aim to demonstrate the availability of a long-term record of biodiversity data which could be used to understand the biodiversity implications of the current climate and extinction crisis. The visualisation can lead to a discussion about the regulations for sound environments, and to the initiation of new research questions about health effects.

    SEAD Conservation Paleobiology