SEAD Conservation Paleobiology

InfraVis User

Phil Buckland, Johan von Boer

InfraVis Application Expert

Cenk Demiroglu, Mattis Lindmark, Kajsa Palm, Carl-Erik Engqvist

InfraVis Node Coordinator

Roger Mähler

Tools & Skills

the tools and skills used in this project, can also be used to help other projects


environmental data visualization


How have people and climate change affected Earth’s past biodiversity?

This project aims to demonstrate the availability of a long-term record of biodiversity data which could be used to understand the biodiversity implications of the current climate and extinction crisis.

Data within relational database(s):

  • Space, global but mainly Europe
  • Time, up to one million years, most <16,000 years
  • 5086 taxa (~species)
  • 22 ecological variables for taxa
  • > 8700 soil samples, > 200,000 fossil record entries, > 780,000 occurrences
  • Sourced from >1000 publications
  • Much variation in quality (temporal accuracy +/- 1 year to ~250,000 years)

See one part of the project here:

ArcGIS application of the SEAD Bugs ecocodes
Artartistic representation of data