Henrik Garde

Lund University

Systems Developer, UX Expert

Role In Infravis

Application Expert

  • henrik.garde@humlab.lu.se

Experienced In

3D Motion Measurement, Analysis, Visualization, Scripting, Complex data workflows, 3D Motion Capture with Facial Expression and Audio, Multimodal communication (Capture, Stimuli Production [avatars], Experimental Setup with Finger movement, Facial Expression, Audio), Experimental research

Tools Used Frequently

Python, QTM (Qualisys Track Manager), Unity, PsychoPy, ELAN


I work as a systems developer and UX expert at Lund University Humanities Lab (Interdisciplinary Research Infrastructure for Research Technology and Training) and as an application expert for InfraVis (National Research Infrastructure for Data Visualization). I have a degree and many years of work experience with researchers in Computer Science and Human Factors.

My focus is to create and improve complex research workflows that supports transparency and allows for exploration and validation of data transformation in a workflow (or data pipeline). I consider visualisations as a key property in workflows to accomplish that and to succeed with the training and documentation required to assure that data responsability remains the researcher’s, our users’.

I mostly work with 3D workflows like motion capture, facial expression capture, motion analysis, virtual agent production (avatars) and animated visalisations.

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