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  • InfraVis Meeting Days in Uppsala

    On the 5th and 6th of September, 2022, Uppsala University Node Coordinator Ingela Nyström, together with her team, hosted the InfraVis Meeting Days. The InfraVis team, with representatives from nine partner universities, gathered to review the progress made by the Research Infrastructure, to brainstorm paths for future development, and to network.   The first day […]

  • First InfraVis Virtual Lab Tours​

    First InfraVis Virtual Lab Tours​

    Virtual Lab Tours During the spring term, InfraVis launched the series of Virtual Lab Tours where partner universities (nodes) introduce their respective facilities to one another. The goal of this series is to develop a strong understanding of the competence offered by InfraVis, both among InfraVis staff and outside of InfraVis. So far, three nodes […]