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  • InfraVis courses

    Four-hour course on visualizing data of varying dimensions Get hands-on insight into how to create your own¬†visualisations using MATLAB as a tool and figure out which visualization technique works best for your data, from 2D to 3D put to multidimensional data.¬† When: 10-12 and 13-15, 17th of October 2022Where:¬†Uppsala Register for the course Registration deadline: […]

  • First InfraVis Virtual Lab Tours

    During spring 2022, InfraVis launched a series of InfraVis Virtual Lab Tours where partner universities (nodes) introduce their respective facilities to one another. The goal of this series is to develop a strong understanding of the competence and knowledge available at InfraVis, both among InfraVis staff and outside of InfraVis. So far, three nodes have […]

  • InfraVis – national infrastructure for visualisation of data

    InfraVis – national infrastructure for visualisation of data

    InfraVis – national infrastructure for visualization of data  InfraVis is a new national infrastructure for visualization and analysis of scientific data. Chalmers, together with 8 other universities, has received funding from the Swedish Research Council to build and run InfraVis. We will offer researchers at universities in Sweden the opportunity to apply for support to visualize their research data.  InfraVis is […]