12th Advanced Graphics and Interaction Open House

Hosted by the Visualization Studio VIC and InfraVis

Location: Visualization Studio VIC. KTH
Time: December 15, 2023
Author: Mario Romero

Visitors of all ages enjoyed the Visualization Studio Open House on December 15, 2023. Here they interact with CitizAir, a gesture-based interactive visualization of invisible air particles. Photo CC-BY2.0 Mario Romero 2023.

The KTH Visualization Studio VIC and InfraVis hosted the 12th Annual Open House with our Advanced Graphics and Interaction students on Friday, December 15, 2023. We hosted over 300 guests during a four-hour period where we showcased 19 projects. The projects included virtual and augmented reality interaction with real-time graphics, smartphone-controlled public screens, and gesture- and eye-tracking interactive experiences. These projects engaged visitors of all ages in exploration and wonder. For more information about the projects, please visit the AGI23 Open House page.

Students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction 2023 during the Open House on December 15. Photo CC-BY2.0 Mario Romero 2023.

The Open House included one research project associated with the Visualization Studio and with InfraVis called CitizAir, a visualization of air quality in urban spaces to engage citizens of all ages in a discussion about clean breathing in Stockholm.

One particular project, Peak Panic, engaged up to 20 users at once through wireless communication on their smartphones. It was a skiing experience where all players competed on a downhill by tilting their phones. 

We hold the Open House every year on the second Friday of December. You are all invited to join us in the Visualization Studio or in Zoom next year, from 15:00 to 19:00 on Friday, December 13, 2024. For now, please enjoy the winter holidays, and see you all in 2024!

Peak Panic: up to 20 players compete on a downhill skiing experience using their phones to steer their game avatar. This was a 4-week project in Advanced Graphics and Interaction 2023 at KTH. Photo CC-BY2.0 Mario Romero 2023.
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