Preprints: the what/why/how of a faster dissemination of research.
Preprints: the what/why/how of a faster dissemination of research.

InfraVis Seminar Series:

Preprints: The what/why/how of a faster dissemination of research

  • Speaker: Lonni Besançon (link to: home page)
  • When: Friday March 8, 2024 from 15:30 – 16:30
  • Where: Visualization Studio VIC and zoom/visualmario link: visualmario
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In the fast-paced world of scientific discovery, rapid dissemination of research findings is crucial for accelerating progress and knowledge sharing. However the traditional publishing system hinders this process leading to delays, increased costs, and limited access. Preprints, preliminary versions of scientific manuscripts that have not undergone formal peer review, have emerged as game-changers dismantling barriers and enabling immediate sharing of scientific ideas. In this talk, I will present the concepts of preprints and why you should adopt them as well as debunk some myths surrounding them. I will finish with an introduction of ASAPBio and its fellow program as well as the PREReview program for the early reviewing of research materials. Join us on this first event of the InfraVis Seminar Series (ISS).


Lonni Besançon is an Assistant Professor in Visualization at MIT/ITN with Linköping University, campus Norrköping. His main research interest is at the intersection of Human Computer Interaction and visualization, with a specific focus on interaction techniques for volumetric datasets. He has contributed several methodological and meta-research papers on statistical methods and their use. He has been advocating and studying the impact and benefits of Open Science practices during the last four years and is currently the community lead in Sweden for ASAPBio, a non-profit which aims at speeding up the dissemination of research through preprints.

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