Ludvig Mangs

Linköping University

Research Engineer

Role In Infravis

Application Expert


Experienced In

C++, Blueprints, C#, interactive 2D/3D programming

Tools Used Frequently

Unreal Engine, Babylon.js, Pixi.js, Visual Studio, Jetbrains Rider


I’m a research engineer at Linköping University with a focus on interactive 3D/2D applications. I mainly work with Unreal Engine, but I also have some experience using other game engines and libraries, depending on the project’s target platform and unique needs. On top of the points above, I have a strong interest in XR, UX, game design, product ownership, and psychology.

Do you have a need for a creative programmer to help you out with visualizing your data in new interesting and interactive ways, using for example XR (Extended Reality)? Perhaps also taking ownership of parts of the project’s development process? Do reach out.

Project for InfraVis

  • Medical Digital Twin

    InfraVis helps bring the data to life with Motion Capture animations and realistic 3D models of patients to help communicate medical information in a more personalized way.

    Medical Digital Twin

A project about using personalized 3D avatars, based on meta-human technology, to follow and simulate patients’ medical journeys The 3D visualization is shown on a high-end device for better graphical fidelity and can be shown on low-end devices using pixel streaming over the internet.

Another aspect of the application is the handling of medical data, which is handled by a third-party expert.

My main contribution to the project has so far been my technical expertise, handling the Pixel Streaming communication between the devices and figuring out the optimal software architecture of the different parts of the application.