Management Team

Monica Billger

InfraVis Director, Professor of Architecture and Visualization, Chalmers

Data analysis is an increasingly important part of the researchers’ workflow, but also a challenge as it can involve very large and complex amounts of data. Here, visualization can come in as an important tool for activating our ability to recognize patterns and detect trends.

Mario Romero

Technical Coordinator

Peter Westerdahl

Technical Coordinator

Kajsa M Paulsson

Technical Coordinator, PhD Medical Sciences, MBA in Research infrastructure, Lund University 

InfraVis is a highly needed research infrastructure that will serve users with the aim to promote high quality research. With a large set of dedicated experts at the InfraVis nodes, a high degree of complementarity and synergy is achieved which contributes to research and to creating impact in areas of society as diverse as climate change, development of medical devices and monitoring of traffic congestions.

Katja Woxell

Communications Officer, MA in Language and Linguistics, Lund University

InfraVis is a unique research infrastructure in that it aims at making data visualization support accessible to all researchers around Sweden, regardless of the scientific domain or familiarity with visualization as a research tool. This mission requires massive external communication efforts, especially in the beginning. InfraVis is also a complex research infrastructure resting on the shoulders of nine universities. The success of InfraVis depends on how well the InfraVis team members can communicate and collaborate with one another. Here strong internal communication support is indispensable.

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