Spectroscopy webinar by Lund node

On 15th February, InfraVis Application Expert Carl Troein, specialised in 2D spectroscopy analysis, held the webinar “Spectroscopic Data Processing and Analysis” on behalf of CIPA – the coordinating unit of the InfraVis Lund node. The webinar covered problems in spectroscopic data analysis and methods for their identification and correction as well as for analysis and visualization. Examples included:

-Correction for water vapor and scattering effects in FTIR  
-Step discontinuities in O-PTIR 
-Identification of wavenumbers of interest in Raman spectra  
-Visualization of weak but significant components in hyperspectral (IR-visible) images 
-Image analysis and classification. 

 Researchers from eight different Swedish universities and international organisations attended the webinar, and those who had brought their data with them received free consultations from Carl Troein, where Carl examined the data and made suggestions for corrections and improvements. 

If you missed out on the webinar, we will make the recording available shortly, and if you would like a consultation regarding data analysis or visualization, feel free to contact InfraVis: https://infravis.se/contact/

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