Meet InfraVis Management Team

Mario Romero, InfraVis National Technical Manager

Strong organization, communication and delegation skills are at the top of list as InfraVis National Technical Manager. Knowing the strengths, expertise and resources available at each partner university, communicating clearly early on and letting people know how to succeed through their efforts instead of failing by doing it myself are some of the foundations for the successful management of InfraVis. I hope my efforts will help InfraVis fulfill its vision of providing state-of-the-art visualization support to Swedish research. This cannot be achieved without serving as solid support to Monica Billger, Director of InfraVis, and without a deep understanding of the research infrastructure as a whole, including long-term goals and strategies.

Kajsa M Paulsson

InfraVis is a highly needed research infrastructure that will serve users with the aim of promoting high quality research. With many years of management experience gained through, for example, being a board member of a number of Swedish and European research infrastructures and initiatives as well as having developed organizational models for different types of research infrastructures, I hope to help InfraVis fulfill its vision of becoming the obvious choice for researchers in need for data visualization support. Having complemented my work experience with the Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) focused on Research Infrastructures, I have a unique tool box for research infrastructure work including legal, financial, strategic and organizational issues – all vitally important aspects for a distributed research infrastructure like InfraVis.

Peter Westerdahl, InfraVis National Technical Manager

Since the entire Infravis concept is new (with a strong focus on running competency-based activities), it feels like there is uncertainty in where to put focus, how to market and how to “get into” projects that would benefit from the skills of the Infravis experts. In this challenging and important work, I hope to help the Management Team move the most strategic activities forward so that research projects can ensure better outreach and better visualization within their respectiveresearch fields.

Katja Woxell, InfraVis Communications Lead

InfraVis is facing many challenges in terms of convincing researchers unfamiliar with data visualization of its value as well as in terms of turning researchers who already employ data visualization into InfraVis users. Challenges exist internally as well considering that InfraVis is a distributed research infrastructure.

 As InfraVis Communication Lead, I hope to successfully use my education in meaning-making on linguistic, visual and above all experiential levels as well as my entrepreneurial background for framing InfraVis communication and branding strategies in a way that clearly communicates the value of infraVis to potential users. I further hope to use my work and research background in empathy and UX for assisting the Management Team in studying user needs and consistently delivering experiences that are perfectly synced with user expectations. Last but not least, I truly hope that my communication efforts will contribute to building a research infrastructure where people choose to stay year after year.

Clara Larsson, InfraVis Administrator

I have a part-time administrative role at the Chalmers node. My job revolves around Director Monica Billger, where I assist her in InfraVis management tasks, which often require a good understanding of both the research infrastructure and data visualization in general. Holding a master’s degree in informatics, with emphasis on immersive computing, and having worked in research projects related to data visualization certainly helps me to easily put myself in the context, and aid both Monica Billger and the entire Management Team to run InfraVis smoothly.

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