InfraVis - National Infrastructure for Visualisation of Data

InfraVis – national infrastructure for visualization of data 

InfraVis is a new national infrastructure for visualization and analysis of scientific data. Chalmers, together with 8 other universities, has received funding from the Swedish Research Council to build and run InfraVis. We will offer researchers at universities in Sweden the opportunity to apply for support to visualize their research data. 

InfraVis is an entrance to visualization expertise at nine Swedish universities. Data analysis is an increasingly important part of the researchers’ workflow, but also a challenge as it can involve very large and complex amounts of data. Visualization can, for example, be an important tool for activating our ability to recognize patterns and detect trends. For the individual researcher, it can be difficult to get started using visualization methods as these require expertise, time and resources. 

In addition to Chalmers, the InfraVis consortium includes; University of Gothenburg, KTH, Linköping University, Linnaeus University, Lund Uuniversity, Mid Sweden University, Umeå University and Uppsala University. 

What happens now? 

We have started up InfraVis to develop our services, which is expected to have full capacity at the end of 2022. In parallel with building up our Help desk and other service functions, we will offer support for a limited number of projects that want to be pilots during our structure start-up phase. The process for selecting pilot projects will be announced on the website shortly. 

Welcome to contact us for questions! 

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